Ep 8: Networking Lessons from a Career in Sports Broadcasting with Joel Goldberg

If you’ve ever watched the Kansas City Royals on television, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with broadcaster Joel Goldberg. He’s been in the industry for more than 25 years and that’s taught him a lot about team-building, maintaining relationships, and leadership. Today we’ll look back through his broadcasting career, the transition into speaking, and the things he’s learned along the way.
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Kansas City has always been a great place to live if you’re a sports fan, but the past decade has given us multiple championships. One person who’s seen it up close and personal is broadcaster Joel Goldberg.

A veteran in the industry, Goldberg has worked as part of the Royals’ broadcast team for FOX Sports Kansas City since 2008 and serves as the television play by play voice for the ECHL Kansas City Mavericks. Recently he’s expanded his business and started speaking to groups and companies about the networking principles he’s picked up throughout his career.

We asked him to join the podcast to share some of his stories and let us in on a few of the lessons he’s learned. While many of us search for our calling in life, Goldberg identified his love of sports and pursued the dream of sports broadcasting at a very young age. The story of how he got his start is a great example of his ability to network and build relationships from the beginning.

But this job requires having a passion because the pay doesn’t come immediately. His first job in the industry earned him less than $14,000 per year. You have to believe in yourself and work hard to be the best you can at your craft in order to survive and build a career out of broadcasting.

And that he’s done. Through the years he’s interviewed some of the biggest names in sports and learned how to create relationships with athletes and front office personnel. From that networking has spawned a new path for his career as a speaker and presenter. He’s taken those lessons on relationships, team-building, and leadership and delivers them to groups around the country.

He also hosts a podcast, which you can check out here, and will soon have a book out called Small Ball, Big Results that shares some great stories from business and baseball. You can connect with Goldberg and find all of his content online here.

As you go through the episode, keep an ear out for these topics:

  • How he got his first job in the broadcasting industry.
  • Finding mentorship each day
  • The regrets he has personally and in the business
  • The importance of being authentic
  • Building relationships over time
  • Always looking for ways to improve and grow the business
  • What’s the future of our local economy?

Check out the timestamps below to skip around to the specific topics you’d like to hear.

1:34 – Background on Joel 

3:05 – How he got his first job 

7:46 – Getting in front of the people that were hiring

12:09 – His mentors along the way 

16:43 – Any regrets along the way? 

20:45 – His approach to interviews

26:25 – What drives you? 

29:10 – His view of the local economy

32:19 – About his new book

34:30 – Getting in touch with Joel


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