Ep 6: Bringing a Decorated Military Background to Business

Many of our countries great leaders spent time in the military before heading into the civilian world. That’s the exact path Colonel Drew Meyerowich took on his way to becoming the president of Defense Logistics in Kansas City. From leading more than 1,200 soldiers and earning multiple medals to the where he is now has been a smooth transition and one where he can apply the highly-skilled training he’s had over decades.
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We’re excited to introduce you to a business leader in our community that has served his country for more than 20 years and can teach us a lot about leadership.

When we started this show, it was because of people like Drew Meyerowich. You might just know him as the president of Defense Logistics but his story goes well beyond that. He was part of the team that led the rescue of the troops who were made famous by the Black Hawk Down movie.

A graduate of West Point, Meyerowich has multiple tours of combat experience that earned him a Purple Heart and Silver Star among other medals. During that time in the military, he led more than 1200 soldiers in combat as well as the Army’s largest training organization.

As you can probably gather, leadership and development are two areas of management that Meyerowich excels in. The training he gained through the military has been carried into his daily life and it’s been a successful transition. You can hear that throughout our conversation and you can see it through the business he works in now: ammunition.

So we wanted to learn more about his approach to leadership and how he runs an organization. But we also hoped to dive into the world of ammunition to find out makes good ammo and bad ammo, why education is so important in this industry, and what’s causing a shortage across the country.

There’s a lot to learn from Meyerowich and we hope to provide you with a little of that over the course of this show.

As you go through the episode, keep an ear out for these topics;

  • Drew’s time at West Point and serving oversees
  • Leadership in and out of the Army
  • What is Defense Logistics?
  • The ammunition market
  • What’s causing the ammo shortage
  • Drew’s mentors in the Army
  • The difference in good and bad ammo
  • What’s the future of the company?

Thanks again to Meyerowich for taking some time out for the podcast and a huge thank you for his service to the country.

Check out the timestamps below to skip around to the specific topics you’d like to hear.

[0:45] – Drew’s military background

[1:34] – Tell us about yourself

[3:23] – How his leadership training carried from the Army to the corporate world

[4:34] – Defense Logistics

[5:34] – Foundations of leadership

[7:23] – Ammunition shortage

[11:53] – Who mentored Drew

[13:36] – How often he gets to shoot

[14:56] – Military backgrounds at his business

[16:23] – What’s the future of the company?

[17:30] – The difference between good ammunition and bad ammunition

[20:05] – Perception vs reality of guns

[22:41] – How to connect with Drew


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