Ep 18: ‘The Connector’ Frank Bonura Helps People Find Their Passion

Today, we’re talking with Frank Bonura, founder of Franklin Executive Solutions. Find out why he is known as “The Connector” and why he never plans to stop doing his dream job.
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Our guest today is Frank Bonura, founder of Franklin Executive Solutions. Frank started as an information technology recruiter in 1979 and soon gained a reputation for connecting people regardless of their personal or professional achievements.

Frank came to be known as “The Connector” and in 2008 founded Franklin Executive Solutions, LLC, and created the Executive Agent (EA) methodology. He has managed the careers of executives similar to how professional agents represent actors and athletes.

With the support of a research team, he did everything from identifying and pursuing EA client opportunities to negotiating the terms and conditions of each engagement. He also began providing “unorthodox” career management counseling and transition support services to displaced employees of companies at every professional level.

Frank is a Kansas City native. He and his wife have two daughters and five grandchildren.

During our discussion, Frank also shares:

  • Why having more relationships is key to helping people
  • Why people don’t spend enough time planning their careers
  • How you can find a career you love
  • Why relationships are more important than networking
  • Why resumes are meaningless
  • How to love what you do

Use the timestamps below to skip around to the specific topics you’d like to hear.

[0:55] – Meet Frank

[13:06] – Resources

[17:26] – How to be a connector

[25:12] – Relationships vs. networking

[32:04] – Resumes

[36:25] – Interview process

[42:38] – Loving what you do

[51:00] – Contact Frank


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