Ep 13: Sandy Malone Uses Meditation to Help Business Owners Thrive

Today, we’re talking with Sandy Malone of Mindfully Driven. She explains how her love of entrepreneurship and meditation can help business owners thrive.
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Sandy Malone has always been a good listener and mentor and enjoys helping people. She also loves yoga and meditation and is a lifelong entrepreneur. Those interests inspired her to start Mindfully Driven.

She provides strategic and growth planning consulting for entrepreneurs and business owners and project management for economic, and community development initiatives in the Kansas City region. She begins each session by meditating with her clients.

With Mindfully Driven, she’s been able to limit her number of clients and not work a lot of hours. That gives her more time for family and friends and hobbies. To help clients, she uses meditation and offers advice about their business practices and plans. Her advice helps them plan work more effectively and find more satisfaction in their jobs.

During our discussion, Sandy also shares:

  • How she bought her first business at age 20
  • Why she meditates with clients
  • How she has helped women in business
  • The biggest mistake she made in business

Use the timestamps below to skip around to the specific topics you’d like to hear.

[1:01] – Meet Sandy Malone

[1:47] – Sandy’s professional path

[12:04] – Mentoring women

[15:00] – Starting another women’s business center

[19:18] – Meditation and yoga

[22:03] – Mindfully Driven

[24:10] – Taking away the stress

[26:48] – What Sandy’s most proud of

[28:44] – Changes in entrepreneurs

[30:42] – Biggest mistake

[32:18] – Contact Sandy


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