Ep 10: Improving the Culture Within Your Business with David Komar

The culture of a company can go a long way towards determining success or failure and it needs to be a priority for all CEOs. David Komar, a Brigadier General, built a business that works with leaders all across the country to envision and establish exceptional cultures within their organization. He joins us on the show to talk about his military background, why he’s made culture his focus, and the framework he’s developed for improving culture.
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There seems to be a shift in thinking over the past decade or two from organizations to now put an emphasis on culture. Some of the top companies in the world have built a culture that engages and supports employees, and the results are overwhelmingly positive.

But it’s not always the easiest task for a business owner to take on. It could be a time constraint issue or maybe it falls out of your skillset. Whatever the reason, there are people that can help you establish an exceptional culture that motivates employees and improves production.

One of those people is David Komar, a recently retired Brigadier General in the Army. Komar is the man behind Culture Guide and he brings the experience gained from more than 30 years of active military service to this new role. That even includes being heavily involved with redesigning the entire tactical Army, which was done in just 18 months.

We asked Komar to join the show to talk about the topic of culture and why it’s so pivotal in the success of a business. You won’t find many people more passionate about empowering business leaders. He started this company because he believes everyone should love where they work, and the way to accomplish that is by building a culture that’s exceptional and enduring.

During this episode, he’ll take us into his process and explain where the focus should be within your company. At Culture Guide, he helps companies clarify their vision and then assist in developing a plan that establishes the elements they need to get from point A to point B. Then there are goals put into place for each element for the framework.

Speaking of the framework, we’ll get into this in detail and Komar provides so very valuable guidance. What you need to know going into the episode is that the framework consists of these elements:

The Leader





Find out what each element is and what needs to be done over the course of this framerwork. If you’ve ever thought about your culture and how it can be improved, this conversation will provide with a great perspective from someone who works on this every day.

As you go through the episode, keep an ear out for these topics:

  • How and why he went into the military
  • His part in a major redesign within the Army
  • The skills and lessons he took from the military service
  • How to implement the culture that you desire
  • Framework he’s developed and how that process works
  • What the leader of an organization needs to do
  • Employee engagement
  • No matter your experience, you will come across new challenges
  • Why he started the company

If you want to talk more about this with Komar, the best way to contact his is david.komar@live.com or visit guidingculture.com.

Use the timestamps below to skip around to the specific topics you’d like to hear.

1:23 – Personal background on Komar

2:10 – Military experience

3:24 – Redesigning the Army

4:40 – How his military experience prepared him for business

8:03 – The framework he developed for implementing culture

11:29 – Self-reflection and holding yourself accountable

14:43 – People element of the framework

16:04 – What happens if you don’t do the things you’ve told your employees you would do

20:26 – Employee engagement rate

21:38 – Process element of the framework 

24:50 – Does he get much resistance or pushback on his framework?

28:56 – The reasons he started this company

24:50 – How to contact Dave


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