Ep 3: Providing Home Care for Kansas City Seniors with Kristy Whitney

In a year where staying home has become a necessary choice for everyone, a business that provides home care for seniors becomes even more important. To get an idea of how that’s being handled locally, we asked Kristy Whitney to join the show to tell us more about Home Care Assistance Kansas City and her role overseeing operations.
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The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up businesses all across Kansas City and the state, but providing care for seniors might be as important as ever. One local company, Home Care Assistance, does that every day and it has provided additional challenges over the past five months.

That’s why we asked Kristy Whitney to join us for this episode of the KC Business Huddle. She is the head of operations for the company, which is located just off College Blvd in Overland Park. In that role, she’s had to oversee many new protocols and procedures to keep clients safe and healthy during the pandemic.

Whitney grew up in a small Ohio town but calls Kansas City home now after moving here for work years ago. She’s always been motivated to help people out for as long as she can remember, which is why she believes this profession eventually found her. Now she’s spent 3+ decades working with the senior population in multiple roles.

It’s important work and we’re glad to find someone as passionate as Whitney caring so much about our family and friends. So join us as we talk to her about her career path, her job now, and what makes Home Care Assistance different from the competition. There’s a lot to learn about her and the profession throughout the show.

Here are some of the other business topics to keep an ear out for:

  • The competitive advantage she provides to her clients.
  • Why her business is a labor of love.
  • The impact of COVID and how they’ve adjusted.
  • Why work with Home Care Assistance
  • How she stays motivated
  • The challenges facing healthcare in the future

We discuss all those things and more on the show. Check out the timestamps below to skip around to the specific topics you’d like to hear.

[0:36] – Kristy Whitney joins us in the studio today.

[1:19] – How did you pick this profession?

[2:37] – Is it difficult getting attached to the people and families you work with?

[3:55] – The transition from hospice to home care.

[5:38] – Her competitive advantage in the healthcare field.

[6:58] – Working with the extended families.

[8:56] – Business philosophy

[10:00] – How has COVID affected the business?

[11:32] – Future challenges

[12:48] – Mental health concerns

[14:19] – What fuels her drive within the business?

[16:40] – Why do business with Home Care Assistance?

[17:42] – Final thoughts


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