Ep 13: Sandy Malone Uses Meditation to Help Business Owners Thrive

Today, we’re talking with Sandy Malone of Mindfully Driven. She explains how her love of entrepreneurship and meditation can help business owners thrive.

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Ep 10: Improving the Culture Within Your Business with David Komar

The culture of a company can go a long way towards determining success or failure and it needs to be a priority for all CEOs. David Komar, a Brigadier General, built a business that works with leaders all across the country to envision and establish exceptional cultures within their organization. He joins us on the show to talk about his military background, why he’s made culture his focus, and the framework he’s developed for improving culture.

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Ep 6: Bringing a Decorated Military Background to Business

Many of our countries great leaders spent time in the military before heading into the civilian world. That’s the exact path Colonel Drew Meyerowich took on his way to becoming the president of Defense Logistics in Kansas City. From leading more than 1,200 soldiers and earning multiple medals to the where he is now has been a smooth transition and one where he can apply the highly-skilled training he’s had over decades.

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