Ep 7: Taking Control of Your Career and Future Through an Economy of One

With the level of uncertainty we’re facing right now, it’s essential that people advocate for themselves. We cannot rely on governments and institutions to open the door and create opportunities for us. This approach is known as the ‘Economy of One’ and it’s a powerful idea that can help people find their passion. Our guest today, Elizabeth Allen, will explain what we’ve been doing wrong and how we change the outcome.
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If the job market wasn’t already difficult enough to navigate in the digital era, add in all the challenges of 2020 and it can feel pretty hopeless for many.

That’s why we’re really excited to introduce you to Elizabeth Allen, one of two partners behind Economy of One. She’s also the principal of MarketSmartz, a consulting firm based in Kansas City.

She’s passionate to help the thousands and thousands of people that have followed the traditional route for finding a job but keep getting caught in a cycle of rejection. The impact it’s having on Americans is devastating and she’s trying to change the system.

As you’ll hear in detail on the show, their mission is to help you see the options you have so that you no longer have to stay in a job you dislike. If that’s a position you find yourself in, don’t worry because you’re not alone. Somewhere between 70-80% of Americans are working in a job they don’t enjoy.

But the issue is how do you find another job?

Think about a couple of the most common things you’re told when looking for a job. The first is to develop your resume, which you have to have. The problem is that if you don’t customize it correctly, it can actually work against and prevent you from qualifying for additional jobs. The second thing we’re told is to update what we’ve done and settle for what we can find. There are too many talented people that have opportunities awaiting them but we don’t teach people well enough how to position their value.

That’s where Economy of One comes in. They help you change the way you think about jobs and how to value your skills. They also teach people how to ask for what they need and what they want. That’s a skill that many people lack and we encourage people to join a small group to gain those skills and build confidence.

This episode will be an eye-opener for you and hopefully will empower you to examine your career and take hold of your future.

As you go through the episode, keep an ear out for these topics;

  • The teacher that impacted her life
  • The story of how a layoff turned into entrepreneurship
  • The story of a failure that turned into her big break
  • How the Economy of One came to be
  • The program she put together for the military
  • Traditional job seeking skills that don’t work
  • Relationship-building
  • Do you know what your best skills are?
  • Side-effects of unemployment
  • What does work when looking for a job

Once you finish the show, make sure you visit EconomyOfOne.com and take advantage of the many resources they offer for free.

Check out the timestamps below to skip around to the specific topics you’d like to hear.

[1:04] – Background on Elizabeth

[2:25] – The teacher that had a huge impact on her life.

[5:52] – An entrepreneur at age 25

[9:33] – Her big break was a failure

[12:53] – Becoming the Economy of One

[16:15] – Where our workforce and economy is headed

[21:55] – The program she put together for the US military

[24:46] – Why the hiring system is broken and what you can do

[31:03] – Tips on how to nurture a relationship

[33:15] – Understanding your skillset and being proactive with your career

[35:52] – Mental health struggles across the country

[39:44] – The side-effects of unemployment

[44:43] – Let’s talk about what DOES work

[50:00] – Elizabeth shares a personal experience

[52:54] – Getting people into small accountability groups

[58:25] – What’s her vision for the Economy of One

[1:00:45] – How to get in touch with Elizabeth.


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