Ep 5: Taking Challenges Head-On with Randy Powell of Heartland Print & Design

Our guest on this episode didn’t take a traditional route through his career nor did he back down from challenges along the way. Join us as we talk with Randy Powell, owner of Heartland Print & Design, as we learn about work experience, how he created this busi-ness, and his philosophy on building a team.
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Business and entrepreneurs aren’t the type of people that settle and play it safe. There’s plenty of risk involved and a long list of challenges that need to be overcome.

That’s why it’s no surprise that Randy Powell is a successful business owner. As you’ll hear on this episode of the KC Business Huddle, the Heartland Print & Design owner is someone that wants to take on the greatest challenges and work with his team to deliver a product that surpasses expectations.

If you don’t know about Heartland, the business is located south of Kansas City in Louisburg and helps business owners bring their vision to life. They’re already overcoming one of the greatest challenges – surviving the COVID pandemic – which is even more impressive considering the company only launched in January of 2020.

We’ll find out the adjustments he’s made due to the pandemic and what they’ve done to continue thriving with their customers. With COVID still a serious problem across the country, what does the future of the economy hold? Powell share his thoughts on that as well.

Plus, we spent time covering all types of topics during this interview and think you’ll find it very interesting. Powell’s path to Heartland started as an accountant with roots in the southeast that eventually transitioned into management, which is an area where he thrives. We’ll talk to him about his approach to building a business and his philosophy on managing a team through transparency.

There’s a lot to learn from Powell in many different areas of life and business, which is why we didn’t get to spend as much time on the work his company does everyday. So please visit their website to learn more because they are good people.

As you go through the episode, keep an ear out for these topics;

  • How he transitioned from accounting to management
  • Developing a purpose
  • His philosophy on building a team and organization
  • Messages that still resonate with him

Check out the timestamps below to skip around to the specific topics you’d like to hear.

[0:45] – Quick note on today’s episode

[1:49] Background on our guest today

[3:34] – From accounting to running a construction company

[8:02] – How do you motivate your team?

[10:41] – What processes did you have to install early on?

[14:19] – How Heartland got started

[17:09] – COVID’s impact on the business

[18:36] – What’s the future of the economy look like?

[22:28] – Any mentors?

[22:59] – Best advice you’ve ever received

[25:46] – What advice would you give young entrepreneurs?

[27:42] – The story behind why he started writing notes to his staff

[29:59] – Where you can find his writing and other content

[30:32] – Final message from Randy


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