Ep 31: Security is a Family Business with Dan Krumme

Today, we’re talking with Dan Krumme, president at Cam-Dex Security Corporation. Find out how his family started the business and what he’s doing to make sure it’s successful.
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Security is a family business for Dan Krumme, president at Cam-Dex Security Corporation. Founded in 1957 by his great-great-aunt and uncle, Cam-Dex is an industry leader in providing custom solutions for Security Integration throughout North America and beyond.

The company serves numerous sectors, including Healthcare, Manufacturing, Utilities, Retail, Property Management, Colleges/Universities, and Financial businesses. In the Government sector, their customers include Federal, State, and Municipal agencies nationwide.

Dan and his company are committed to resolving problems quickly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a premier integrated security systems company, Cam-Dex offers a full line of major manufacturer products in access control, IP video, emergency mass notification, custom ID badging, and network video recording.

During our discussion, Dan also shares:

  • What types of security Cam-Dex provides
  • How his great-great-aunt and uncle started the business
  • How Cam-Dex has become more digital over the years
  • How they stay ahead of the latest technology advances
  • How cyber security has affected businesses
  • How his company handles hackers
  • How they educate employees about cyber attacks
  • How they have grown into a global company
  • Cultural differences between countries
  • How he thinks the industry will change in the future
  • What mistake he made

Use the timestamps below to skip around to the specific topics you’d like to hear.

[1:00] Meet Dan

[1:46] What does Cam-Dex do?

[2:37] Cam-Dex history

[5:21] Technological advances

[8:19] Exposed security systems

[12:22 ] Hackers

[15:46] Educating employees

[22:43] Growth

[31:22] Cultural differences

[34:08] Going forward

[41:04] Mistakes

[43:15] Contact Dan


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