Ep 24: Blue Beetle Pest Control’s Been ‘Killing It’ Since 2003

Today, we’re talking with Mitch Shipman, owner of Blue Beetle Pest Control. Find out how his company has been “killing it” since 2003.
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Our guest today is Mitch Shipman, a Kansas City native and owner of Blue Beetle Pest Control. With a business degree from Rockhurst University, a passion for entrepreneurship, and prior pest control experience, Blue Beetle has been “killing it” since 2003.

Mitch originally ran his business from his home in Waldo and kept supplies in the shed in his backyard. After three years of growing and developing his business by himself, he was ready to start adding to his team. The dedicated employees helped shape Blue Beetle into what it is today.

Mitch’s motto is to use the company to give back to society with donations and free service to organizations such as St. Jude’s, Operation Breakthrough, and multiple churches. The company is also used to benefit its 60 plus teammates/work family in personal growth, opportunity for education and advancement in knowledge and income.

During our discussion, Mitch also shares:

  • How dyslexia impacted his life
  • How he started his company
  • What drives him to be successful
  • Why his company is different from others
  • Advice for other entrepreneurs
  • Competition with other businesses
  • How COVID affected his business
  • What keeps him up at night
  • Why he thinks the future is bright
  • Why people should be prepared for the grind
  • What words of wisdom he would share

Use the timestamps below to skip around to the specific topics you’d like to hear.

[1:20] – How dyslexia impacted his life

[1:58] – How he started Blue Beetle

[3:14] What sets Blue Beetle apart

[4:50] – Advice

[9:31] – Competition

[11:21] – COVID

[15:37] – What keeps him up

[18:33] – The future

[20:05] – Be prepared

[23:16] – Wisdom

[24:46] – Contact Mitch


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