Ep 21: Comics Owner Says Son, English Teacher Helped Motivate Him

Today, we’re talking with Juaquan Herron, owner of 2923 Comics. Find out how his high school teacher’s encouraging words and the birth of his son helped him follow his passion of writing and eventually comic books.
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Our guest today is Juaquan Herron, owner of 2923 Comics. He was encouraged by a high school English teacher to learn about Hamlet and Macbeth, and she told him he was a good writer.

Juaquan initially brushed off the suggestion and said writers didn’t make any money. But he was passionate about the craft and decided to pursue it. He was a screenwriter and short filmmaker from Kansas City and later moved to Los Angeles to learn from the best.

He met his mentor, Scott C. Brown, who was able to teach Juaquan how to write content. From there, Juaquan decided to follow his passion for comics and created 2923 Comics, which is an ode to his old street address, where he lived with his grandparents.

During our discussion, Juaquan also shares:

  • How the birth of his son changed his life
  • How his grandparents impacted his life
  • How he created his comic book, with a nod to his family
  • What he regrets
  • What he’s learned about comics and entrepreneurship
  • How he overcomes his shyness
  • How he teaches his son about the business

If you want to connect with Jay, here’s the best way to do it. 

Use the timestamps below to skip around to the specific topics you’d like to hear.

[0:43] – Meet Jay

[3:00] A different road

[3:57] – Creating a comic book

[9:46] – Sexual assault

[10:22] – Comics and entrepreneurship

[20:09] – A different business

[23:23] – Regrets

[26:32] Keeping the drive alive

[28:58] – Advice for young entrepreneurs

[30:12] – Contact Jay


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