Ep 17: Salon Owner’s Motto is ‘Happy Employees, Happy Life’

Today, we’re talking with Lauren Kennedy, the owner of Mirror+Mirror, a full-service hair salon. Find out how she keeps her cool in a hot-headed business and why happy employees are key to her success.
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Our guest today is Lauren Kennedy, the owner of Mirror+Mirror, a full-service hair salon offering cuts, color, hair extensions, treatments, eyebrow waxing and blowouts.

Lauren is originally from Independence, Mo., and began her cosmetology schooling in 2003. She thrives on hard work and dedication and believes you can truly be anything you want to be.

As an adult, Lauren moved to the Northland of Kansas City where she married and had three girls. She loves connecting with customers and clients and providing amazing customer service as well as bringing out the inner beauty in her clients.

In December 2018, Lauren decided to take a leap of faith into the ownership of Mirror+Mirror Salon.

During our discussion, Lauren also shares:

  • Why owning a business is in her blood
  • The difference between commission and booth rent
  • Why she worked as a paralegal
  • How she keeps her cool in a hot-headed business
  • How Covid has affected her business
  • Other challenges she has faced

Use the timestamps below to skip around to the specific topics you’d like to hear.

[0:48] – Meet Lauren

[1:30] – How she got into the profession

[2:34] Schooling

[5:23] Family and work life

[9:30] – Paralegal work

[11:40] – Jumping back into hair

[18:00] – Business philosophy

[23:06] – Running a business

[25:41] – Covid

[31:28] – Challenges

[33:54] – Salon personalities

[38:31] – How to contact Lauren


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